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Our Services


New Construction

Design Phases

Consultation, coordination, research, evaluation of alternative systems, collaboration relative to sustainable building design, analysis, design, preparation of construction documents, and construction cost estimating.


Preparation of submittal documents, liaison services with building departments.

Bidding and Negotiating

Review of contractor qualifications, consultation/ liaison with bidders, and review of bids.

Construction Administration

Review of structural shop drawings and other structural submittals, consultations with contractor, review of owner change orders, observation of structural systems and review of contractor draw requests.

Construction Inspection

Special Inspection, Threshold Building Inspection, and quality monitoring of structural systems. Other building component systems, such as windows, doors, storefronts, and railings.

Renovation, Restoration, Repair, Addition

In addition to the services offered for new construction, services offered for existing buildings include review of available documents for the existing construction, structural conditions assessments, development of materials testing and load testing programs.

Legal and Insurance Support Services

Investigations, reviews, preparation of reports, forensic engineering and expert witness services.

Building Types

All types of building uses: residential, commercial, theatrical, recreational, hospitality, medical, industrial, institutional, educational, municipal, aeronautical, military, and transportation buildings (airports, seaports, train and bus terminals and stations).

Historical Buildings

Douglas Wood Associates is the Florida leader in structural engineering relative to historical buildings and monuments. The firm’s completed work includes more than 200 evaluations, restorations, renovations, and additions to historical buildings and monuments.

Building Components

Envelope systems and components, stairs, railings, and decorative elements.

Other Structures

Retaining walls, fences, signs, screens, swimming pools, water features, sculptures, docks, seawalls, gazebos, trellises, equipment foundations, and civil structures such as pump stations, tanks, and pedestrian bridges.